Proven technology and business expertise offering fast and customized solutions.

An agile implementation that allows you to visualize your positions in less than 15 days.

Expertise in Treasury

Recognized expertise in Treasury: more than 20 years of experience

We know that the key to the success of your project lies in the quality of the teams that will support you throughout the implementation of your environment and the daily operation of the solution.
Aware of this aspect, our teams are trained to know your business issues and are able to answer your questions and future concerns. With more than 20 years of experience working with french and international companies, we know the needs of mid-caps and we are able to provide relevant and fast answers to manage your European and international treasury operations.

Customer Support

High-quality customer support: an immediate response to your requests

The lack of time and resources is a reality that we take into account on a daily basis in our approach to customer support. As we are involved from the beginning in the implementation of your configurations, we know your project and can intervene immediately on any encountered issues. Our philosophy is not the number of customers, but the quality of our services.

Market data

Free access to the market data module

Get free access to standard market data including exchange rate quotations proposed by the European Central Bank (ECB), as well as EONIA, EURIBOR, LIBOR.
A “floored” version of the rates is also available and is highly appreciated by our clients in this European context of negative rates.
In addition to this free offer, Fidrys Treasury allows you to import any type of market data, whether it is currency quotation, rates, yield curve, swap point curve, volatilities (FX, Cap/Floor, Swaption) or securities.
This data can be used appropriately in the valuations of financial transactions or for accounting purposes.

Back office processes

Back office processes: +20% productivity increase

Save time and increase your productivity (maturity processes, ICNE calculations, etc.)
As part of back-office processes, a pre-accounting module for bank transfers and entries ensures considerable productivity gains, without neglecting the significant reduction in the risks associated with duplicate entry.