A 100% SaaS solution that allows you to boost your productivity with ease.

An externalized platform for cash management, payments and financial risk management.

Cash and liquidity management

Cash Management

- Cashflow forecasts
- Cash reconciliation
- Cash pooling / ZBA
- Interest scales
- Fees catalogs

Budget managemenT

- Input / import
- Budget consolidation
- Budget conversion
- Budget closing
- Gap analysis Budget vs Completed


- Accounting accounts
- Accounting schemes
- Accounting generation
- Accounting closing
- Accounting export

The richness of the information provided in the account statements will be fully used in order to group your cash positions and track your value statement with an accuracy that is rarely achieved.
Whether you choose bank cash pooling or prefer to manage your balancing operations internally, the impact on your accounting positions will be immediate. In addition, the simplicity of updating cash flow forecasts, whether by entering or importing files from your systems (” Accounting “, ERP), will ensure you reliable readability of your short term positions.
Furthermore, the immediate impact of financial positions: investments – financing – foreign exchange and interest rate transactions on your cash positions will ensure that the information managed is immediately and globally consistent.
Finally, do not be limited to short-term forecasts, and take advantage of the budget module to build your annual or multi-year cash flow forecasts.

Banking Connectivity Hub


- SWIFTnet (Fin, FileAct)
- SFTP …


- International (XML20022/MT101…)
- Domestic (SEPA, CFONB, ACH, BACS…)
- Format conversion : CFONB <> SEPA …


- Secure flow interaction
- Format conversion
- Complete audit

Fidrys Treasury platform has EBICS T-TS, SWIFTnet, and other SFTP protocols as standard, allowing you to retrieve your account statements and send your payment orders worldwide in the formats expected by your banking partners.

Payment factory

Fund transfer & direct debit

- Fund transfers (Import and/or input)
- Third-party payments (Import and/or input)
- Import of direct debits

Payment dashboard

- Monitoring by file flow type
- Payment control
- Approval and signature

Bank mandate

- Authorization configuration
- Signing college configuration
- Delegation configuration

To effectively meet your needs, we fully comply with your internal procedures, providing you with standard or on-demand validation workflows, with no limitations and with the possibility of informing the various stakeholder included in the validation and bank transmission process.
Workflow configurability provides the flexibility of implementation and uses that is required by senior management and auditors.
Finally, the success of your payment implementation project will not be linked to your supplier’s existing formats because, in less than one month, Fidrys can provide the desired formats.

Financial transactions

Foreign exchange

- Spot, Forward
- Swap, Swap NDF
- Options

Loan / Deposit

- Redeemable
- Credit lines
- Leasing / Guarantees

Investments / Financing

- Mutual funds
- Certificates of Deposit
- Shares, Securities

The analysis of your foreign currency positions (underlying), in the form of budgets, orders, invoices (or any other approach), allows you to define with precision the need for the information to be covered. Once defined, you will be able to use all firm or optional hedging transactions to monitor your net foreign exchange exposure.
Whether you are an investor, a borrower or even both, you can simply enter your financial instruments to find out your net cash flow or net debt statements. The high value-added reports provide your general management with precise financial reports.
The financial transactions entered can be modified with a simplicity that allows you to respond without any worries about the changes in your group.