Your Treasury Platform System

More Simplicity, speed and flexibility to adapt quickly to changes in your cash.

           It is with this approach that 100% of projects that we have implemented have proved to be a success still meeting tight deadlines.


The platform of Fidrys Treasury disposes standard for EBICS TS-T protocols, SWIFTNET protocols and other FTP protocols that allows you to retrieve your account statements and send your payment orders around the world according to the available and expected formats awaited by your banking partne

Cash and liquidity management: 100% successful projects with immediate adhesion teams

The delicacy and simplicity of cash management and cash previsions are essential assets to federate internal teams and ensure success in the short and medium term project.

The wealth of information in your account statements will be fully exploited to categorize your cash positions and follow your value card with a level of precision rarely met.

Cash management is important, liquidity management is fundamental. Whether you choose the cash pooling bank or prefer to manage your internal grading operations, the impact on your accounting positions will be immediate.

The simplicity of updating cash flow previsions, be it in entry or by file import from your upstream systems (Accounting, ERP), will ensure reliability in the readability of your short term positions.

Moreover, the immediate impact of the financial position, investments - finance - foreign exchange and rates on your cash positions will ensure an immediate and overall consistency of managed information.

Finally do not be limited to short-term previsions, and enjoy complementary statutes and the cash budget module to build your annual or multi-year cash flow previsions.

Payment management: fit 100% YOUR internal procedures

Security, Audit, Internal Procedures, fraud, so many sensitive issues often made complicated by the multitude of management systems, or the lack of flexibility of software offerings.

To effectively meet your needs, we adapt entirely to your internal procedures, providing you with standard validation workflow or construction on demand, with unlimited parameters and the possibility of reporting to different people included, not necessarily in the validation processes or bank transfers.

Configurable workflow provides implementation and flexibility of use required by branches and auditors. All our customers were initially convinced of having only simple and standardized requirements, but experience has shown that flexibility is an undisputed advantage.

The success of your work payments development project will not be tied to the existing formats of your supplier, but to its reactivity in the absence of the desired format. In less than one month Fidrys can make the desired formats available.

Financial transactions: a 360° view of your financial transactions

Choose one of the most complete platforms in financial operations managed, be it for the monitoring and coverage of change risks or for your investments, financing and interest rate risk hedging.

The modeling of your currency operating positions (underlying) in the form of budgets, orders, invoices, seasons (or any other approach) to define the need for information to be covered,with finesse. Once set, use all of the firm operations or firm options to track your net currency exposure.

Whether you are a distributor, borrower, or even both, you can simply enter your financial instruments in other to know your net cash or net debt of states. These high-value statements bring specific financial statements to your branch. Seized financial transactions may be modified with ease to meet you group changes without concern.

Sometimes being regarded as annexes to the cash management by the Intermediate size businesses, financial transaction modules are used daily by our customers and have an immediate impact on cash positions.

Back-office treatments: + 20% time savings

Save time and increase productivity and control capabilities using the features: maturity treatments, finding rates, calculations of accrued interest (Non-Due-Interest-Accrual) accounting for financial transactions (French GAAP or IFRS).

Among the back-office processing, a pre-posting operations module of bank transfers and bank writings provides significant productivity gains, without neglecting the sharp decrease in risks of double seizure.

Market data: free module

Free access to a standard market data including the exchange quotations offered by the BCE and the rate quotes of EONIA, EURIBOR, and LIBOR types. A "prospering" version of rates is also available and highly appreciated by our customers in the context of negative rates.

In addition to this free offer, Fidrys Treasury allows you to import any type of market data, be it currency trading, rates, yield curves, swap points curve, volatilities (FX, Cap / Floor , Swaption) or titles.

These data can be used wisely to valuations of financial transactions or accounting treatments.