Vivalto Santé

«Fidrys Treasury has succeeded in not only meeting the needs of this business but also in offering strong propositions to aid the issues of the Group. Almost all of our payments are managed with Fidrys Treasury, allowing a gain in control and security of transactions.»

Alexandre le Rol
Group Treasurer of Vivalto Santé

About Groupe Vivalto Santé

Facilitated by a dynamic of continued expansion, Vivalto Santé is now at the head of a network of ten private healthcare locations in Brittany, Normandy, Loire, Ile de France and Rhône Alpes.

Leading the way for the field of the private hospital, Vivalto Santé was established in 2009 by Daniel Caille, among other doctors from Brittany, to assist the recovery of three institutions at the end of 2009; CHP St. Gregory (Rennes), Clinique Pasteur Lanroze (Brest) and la Clinique de la Côte d’Emeraude (Saint-Malo).

Vivalto Santé requirements

The fundamental requirement for Vivalto Santé was to quickly gain total visibility across the entire group's cash flow (clinical, SCI and holdings) and its overall financial state, including account balances, investments and funding.
The rapid growth of the group over recent years, generated by clinical acquisitions, increased their number of financial partners and associated partner accounts. It therefore became essential to workwith a treasury software enabling a clearer understanding of the group’s finances, in order to establish a flourishing organisation.
14 banks
More than 100 accounts
47 units divided into 9 SCI, 14 private clinics and 23 holding companies

CA 2012: € 239 million
CA 2014: € 305 million

The financial management tools required by VivaltoSanté:

  • Regular provisional management of the centralized treasury and all group institutions and the storing of treasury agreements (balances, investments ...)
  • Standardized and secure payment processes
  • The monitoring of debt and associate hedging strategies
  • To control costs and associate banking agreements
  • A reporting capacity for the Group’sTreasury and Financial Management teams
  • Ability to manage a centralized treasury

On under taking this project:

  • The implementation of the system enables us to achieve the primary goal since the beginning of the project:Visibility.

Fidrys Treasury has succeeded not only in meeting the needs of Vivalto Santé, but also in offering an advisory service to the group’s problems.

Each of the group’s bank accounts are now connected to the Fidrys platform, which allows us to obtain our daily centralized finance situation.
The software has been implemented in everyclinic and we are already seeing improvements in the provisional management of cash flow.

All debt contracts are simply integrated, even despite sometimes stemming from complex circumstances.
Nearly all of our payments are managed in the platform, which facilitates a gain of control and security within transactions.
We will now migrate to EBICS TS to secure our operations and increase productivity even further.

Distinguishing factors

Daily account management was a new concept for many of our institutions. Therefore, the challenge was to find a convenient, usable and effective tool which would win the compliance of regular users.

These features are just some of the distinguishing factors of Fidrys, along side the flexibility of the tool which allows us to deal properly with individual cases (such as debtcontracts) and respond to specific needs.

The use of Excel reports for our analysis also provides reporting flexibility currently uncommon of other treasury platforms. By being able to see our net financial situation on a particular date or over a period of time allows us to easily monitor the cash flow management of each institution.