Fidrys Consulting

Offering an exclusive solution dedicated to medium sized enterprises is the Fidrys way.

Knowing the limited time and resources that moderately sized businesses have, we constantly work to optimize the expertise and application processes to guarantee responsiveness and quality of output allowing you to concentrate solely on your business operations.

The implementation of your project: visualize your position in less than 15 days

Aided by previous operational experience from working with our French and international customers, Fidrys provides functional expertise on all subjects related to group treasury.

During the implementation phase, we have proposals and we will suggest various operational scenarios currently working for our customers.
95% of the referential configuration is via Excel, which is much easier for your team to use and does not require an extensive knowledge of applicative services.

The first training sessions will be conducted with your own referentials and data, facilitating your understanding of the features while optimizing configuration time.

Two significant benefits are realized by all of our customers: a fast and economical implementation of the solution; and an especially low requirement of time investment of the operational teams allowing them to stay focused on their daily activities.

A constant and high quality quality level of support, offering an immediate response to your requests.

Our customers’ precious time and resources is a daily reality that we take into consideration in consideration of our approach to quality support.
Participating in the implementation of your settings, we know your project and can respond immediately to any problems encountered.

No complex telephone server or tracking ticket to be recalled in at an unknown later date.
Phone support provides immediate response to your queries.

Our targets are not based around the amount of customers, but the quality of our services.

We believe our customers say it best - do not hesitate to contact us with feedback.

Recognized Treasury expertise: more than 20 years of experience.

Fidrys Treasury offers you a functional scope without equivalence. Its flexible configuration ensures perfect integration of your requirements and procedures and its simplicity facilitates the adhesion of your teams to the projects that concern you.

We know that the key to the success of your project is also based on the quality of teams that will accompany you throughout the implementation of your platform and the daily operation of the solution.

Aware of these two aspects, our teams are trained to fully understand your business and are able to answer your questions and future concerns. With over twenty years of experience in the world of treasury to French and international companies, we appreciate the concerns of medium sized companies and we are able to provide relevant and timely responses.

If such a concept sounds right for you, then it's time for you to meet us or contact our customers.